Our aim is to provide the most suitable, cost effective, cutting-edge technology software development services to each client and ultimately turn the service into a great partnership. We achieved this by being flexible and paying extra attention to our client’s needs.

Our vision combines our core values of innovative, standards-based technology and unrivalled customer support, with a deep commitment to sustainable, environmentally-sound products and services for the global business community. With operations spanning the global, IT is at the forefront of cost effective, business and management solutions for today’s needs and future requirements. We work on state of the art technologies, the technologies of tomorrow to provide cost effective, quick and best fit solutions to your needs, as a Microsoft’s global partner we have access to latest tools, technologies and frameworks from Microsoft to develop solutions.

Our core expertise is in Add-on development, customizations and enhancements in MS Dynamics products to make it best valued IT solutions for your all current and future business possible needs. We offer customized features and services for clients & MS partners targeting cost effective implementation and application integration services of Microsoft products, by customizing or developing new screens in MS Dynamics products to accommodate business needs. IT specializes in MS Dynamics GP/CRM/RMS and helps you in:

• Implementation: Mapping your business process to best practices in software systems
• Development/customization: Enhance features of MS dynamics to fit your business’ special needs
• Integration: Integrate software to your other application like e-Commerce, web sites, ShipRush/Ups, Google Maps, Albaspectrum or to other vertical/legacy applications.
• Training: Helps client by use of most updated technological means to adopt, learn and use system and applications in optimal way for highest productivity and utility to gain quick ROL. Minimal response time is one of our KPI.
• Support: complete support after development and implementation with remote support options for economy and efficiency.
• Up-gradation/ Enhancements: Advise and assess the needs and help upgrading and making enhancements as per your business processes and requirements.
• Post implementation Reviews.

Following are the other keys area we are serving:
• Out of the Box software Development and Implementation
• Document management and workflow solutions
• Technology and business consultancy
• Process Reengineering
• System Integration
• Project management
• Web Based solutions
• B2B, B2C eCommerce Solutions
• Content management and Enterprise Web Portals
• Consultancy in Open source Products and Technology
• General Technology, hardware and Infrastructure Consultancy
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)